Four Words in a Jewelry Box || Darrell and Annie


His hands slowly moved up her waist, holding her securely to his chest as he quirked a curious eyebrow at the curling of her lips. Keeping her body pressed gently against his, his arms remained wrapped around her delicate waist as his head rested upon hers, sometimes glancing down at her. “Comfortable,” he questioned her as he shifted slightly, making himself more comfortable with Annie against him. Blinking once, he shook his head as his grin seemed to widen. “I don’t have anyone wrapped around my finger, Ann.” Darrell argued, though he knew that Annie was right and he couldn’t help having both Gray and Ann wrapped around his finger because he knew that he would do anything for the two of them.

He hadn’t meant to bring up the loss of her parents and he hated how he had to assume that Annie had gotten over it slightly. His teeth bit into his inner lip as his nose crinkled from the taste of blood filling his mouth. It was his fault and he had to ruin practically anything, but the touch of Annie’s arms wrapping around him had pulled him out of his negativity. Both regret and guilt vanishing from his eyes as he ran his fingers gently up her spine, glancing down at her curiously. “Wouldn’t you rather you go by yourself?” Darrell asked her softly as his fingers roamed down to her hips and under her skin where he traced her soft skin. All he needed to give was a distraction and hopefully this was enough because in a way he was guilty of her parents murder, he just didn’t know Annie all too well when they were killed.

He was shocked at how he had actually proposed to Ann, having not expected that he was capable of such a thing and how nervous he had become. His fingers curled around hers as her hand reached her his, glancing down at the ring that seemed to be shining up to both of them. It was a promise, though more than a promise ring. Darrell’s eyebrows furrowed at the thought of having gotten her a promise ring, his nose wrinkling at the thought. There was no point in getting her that because he didn’t find the point of it nor what he would promise her. He wasn’t sure to why he was nervous when he had rested on one leg and proposed, the idea seemed so silly yet butterflies seemed to erupt from his stomach at the thought of having to do that again. Yet, another thought and he could feel himself draining of color and becoming paler. He would have to do something again, something bigger. Wedding. Yet the soft touch of her lips against his had distracted him from his prior thoughts as his hands skimmed down her sides until he gently pushed her closer to him, his lips meeting hers without hesitation.

At the sensation of wet tears against his skin, Darrell became more alert and protective as he pulled away from her. Looking her up and down for any sign of injury, Darrell became confused to realize that there was nothing there. “Ann?” He mumbled under his breath as he gently pulled her towards him, his eyebrows continuing to furrow. Clueless to why she was crying, Darrell kept her snuggled against his chest where he would occasionally rock her to and fro, just to make sure that she was alright and not in dangers way.

At the returning of the smile, he had started to relax. As he noticed the small smile, his own lips started to curve upwards as he took hold of her hand and pulled it from his cheek to hers, letting the pad of thumb rub over the back of her hand. Nodding his head slowly, he played with the bottom of her shirt as he chewed his bottom lip, thinking for a second. “You sure about that?” He snickered at her blush as his finger traced her skin. There was comfort when he looked at her with a tint of amusement, though his gaze would sometimes flicker down to the ring on her finger. “I like it on you.”

Bowing her head slightly at his raised eyebrow she leaned into his grip, her teeth biting the inside of her cheek trying to keep her smile from growing wider. Annie’s body shifted easily with his, and she let her head rest against his chest when he settled. At his question, she glanced up at him, nodding slightly in response, “Mmh, I am.” It occurred to her that this was what it would be like in the future, her, curled up in his arms, his head resting against hers, and she was happy, because really, this was all she needed. Seeing his lips twitching upward in a grin, her own couldn’t help but respond, widening even further into a bright smile at his words, knowing that they didn’t hold any truth in them. Still she tillted her head to the side as she pretended to consider him, “Not anyone? You sure, Dar?”

The smooth pattern that his fingers were making relaxed her, and she eased her body against them, letting go of any of the tension that had built up before. She knew that she should have let him in sooner, told him that even though she was better that she still missed them every so often, that it got worse on days like this, days that wouldn’t hold any meaning to anyone else but that did to her. Already though, Darrell’s fingers were brushing against her bare skin and she’d half-forgotten what she’d meant to say. Swallowing lightly she closed her eyes for a moment, glancing back up at him as she started to speak, “I don’t think I’d be able to do it by myself.” Annie was surprised at the honesty of that, a sheepish smile crossing her face as she bit at her lips. Allowing her hands to move up into his hair, threading through it with her fingers she allowed herself to continue, “Besides, you’re important to me. I want you to come.”

Interlacing her fingers with his she looked down at the ring on her hand. It was small, and it fit her perfectly, but it was the promise that it held that meant the most to her. There was that faint flicker of doubt though, what if they were too young? What if it didn’t work out? But really, the worries were pointless, because she’d been sure about this, them, for longer than she could remember. And if there was one person whom she’d trust, one whom she knew she could go to for anything, it was Darrell. It was always going to be Darrell, and it was as simple as that. She could feel him shifting slightly in her arms, and glancing up her breath caught slightly in her throat at his expression, and the question was half-formed in her mind before she decided better of it. Because he’d tell her when he wanted to, and she had to trust that, wouldn’t push him to tell her now. As she felt his fingers wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer she let her body shift so that she was facing him fully, her eyes closing as she moved her lips softly against his, smiling slightly as she felt his expression change and she tugged lightly at his hair, hoping to get rid of any of the remaining panic that had crossed over his features before.

Her head started to shake back and forth as he pulled away and checked her over, sniffling slightly as she wiped away at the few tears and chocked them down and whispered a quick, “’M fine.” Annie didn’t even fully understand why she was crying, and she curled up in his arms, letting the rocking of his body comfort her for a moment. Her head buried in his shirt and her arms wrapping around him, holding him close. Her voice was still sightly watery, muffled by his shirt, as she spoke, “I just.. I miss them sometimes, but I’m so happy right now, and I just wish they’d be here.”

Letting her previous thoughts go to the back of her mind she focused on the present, returning his smile with a less tentative one of her own, watching his fingers as they ran across her hand. Glancing at him curiously she nodded her head at his question, wondering if there was anything beneath it. “I wouldn’t have said yes if I wasn’t sure.” She poked him lightly as he snickered, pretending to frown before leaning back into his grip and letting his fingers brush over her skin, despite the blush that was always present when he did that. At his words her eyes shifted back to her fingers and the ring on her hand, a soft smile covering her face as she glanced down on it. “I like it on me too.”

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Instagram + celebs: Taylor Swift 

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When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales ~ T. Swift

RED Tour rehearsals. 

You taught me to be fearless. To speak now. That things will change. That people are gonna be mean. That one day, I’ll find my place in this world. That I don’t need to come undone. That life’s a tough crowd. You taught me how to be strong. And I love you because of that.